Government to decide on Afghanistan deployment 25 minutes ago

A decision will be imminent.

Jenny Marcroft has worked in broadcasting for more than 30 years.

Newsreader announced as NZ First candidate 1 hour ago

Jenny Marcroft will run in the Tamaki electorate for New Zealand First.

Joyce has ruled out National making any tax cut bribe before 2020.

Joyce puts Labour in financial straightjacket 1 hour ago

Labour will have to raise income tax to fund any election bribe, writes Patrick Gower.

Steven Joyce delivers the fiscal update.

Live: Government's books reveal $2.1b surplus blip 2 hours ago

The Crown's bottom line is much higher than expected - but it won't last.

The plan is an example of how Kiwibuild would work.

Labour to build 150 state houses, first homes in P North 3 hours ago

A three-bedroom home would cost $275,000.

Although disgusting, it is "part of living in a free country," he says.

ACT candidate says hate speech against trans people shouldn't be shut down

Although disgusting, it is "part of living in a free country," he says.

Will the next government give you a hand-out?

Election will be 'battle of the bribes' - Patrick Gower

Will the next Government give you a hand-out?


Harawira trying to get in on 'Labour's mana' - Davis

The first televised leaders' debate was fiery, even with two parties absent.


At Home With Jacinda: Talking the talk with Labour leader Ardern

She opened up about how her private life doesn't get to be private.

The Waihou river in the Waikato countryside, New Zealand.

NZ farmers admit waterway protections 'not enough'

But while farmers say they'll do more, they haven't said what or how.


What is the Ardern agenda?

The "Ardern Effect" is all about the vibe. But what about policy?

Fiona Patten

Australian Sex Party over, now the Reason Party

The now-defunct Sex Party founder aims to be the 'voice of reason' in Australian politics.


Jacinda Ardern: 'I was teased before braces'

"You may or may not have noticed I have a pretty grand smile."

When asked to pick their preferred Prime Minister, 42.2 percent of voters on the Māori roll answered Jacinda Ardern.

Māori voters struck by the Ardern effect

Labour's new leader is a hit with voters on the Māori roll.


'Green without the extreme'

A brand new party is campaigning on a single issue.

Jacinda Ardern says she's glad her granny never knew about the incident.

Jacinda Ardern's family the victims of a violin swindler

The Labour leader reveals how her family was ripped off by a conman.

Deborah Morris-Travers and Joss Debreceny.

Greens facing management shake-up

Their political director has resigned and the chief of staff moved.

Watch a video explainer.

Ardern's bearded bodyguard amasses fan base

He's just doing his job, but people can't get enough of his facial hair.

Bill English, Todd McClay and Andrew Bayly at a trade announcement on Tuesday.

National aims to complete TPP 11 by 2020

The party has set out its plan for trade if it is re-elected to Government.

Watch Labour's new campaign ad.

Take a look at Labour's new 'positive' campaign ad

"I am ready. We are all ready. Let's do this."

Dr Morgan has taken his comments one step further.

Gareth Morgan doubles down with 'lipstick pig' billboards

He says Jacinda Ardern is a "meaningless face-lift".

The United Future leader has a warning for other MPs

Peter Dunne wishes he'd quit earlier

The United Future leader has a warning for other MPs.

"I certainly don't see it as my fault," she says.

'It wasn't me' - Ardern denies forcing Dunne out

"I certainly don't see it as my fault," she says.

LGBTI advocates have called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to condemn the material.

'Stop the f*gs': Homophobic campaigners spread shocking material in Australia

Anti-gay campaigners are trying to influence a postal vote on marriage equality.


At Home With Bill: An intimate interview with Prime Minister English

Does 'Boring Bill' really deserve the nickname?

Bill Shorten's father was born in England, but he told media over the weekend that he'd renounced his British citizenship years ago.

Aussie Labor leader won't confirm citizenship

Bill Shorten could be embroiled in the Australian dual citizenship crisis.


How Winston and Jacinda forced Dunne out

Peter Dunne's chosen to quit rather than lose, writes Patrick Gower.

Despite the heavy criticism, Gareth Morgan is doubling down on his comments.

Gareth Morgan says Obama inspired 'lipstick on a pig' line

He has refused to apologise for the dig at the Labour Party.

In July 2017, annual net migration was 72,400.

Immigration policies at a glance

Maintain or reduce immigration - that's the question political parties are grappling with.


What did Peter Dunne do?

During 33 years in Parliament, what were his greatest achievements?


'Ardern effect' made Dunne dead in the water

Peter Dunne quitting is a symbolic political victory for Jacinda Ardern.


'I had terrible acne for 5 years' - English opens up

"You know what it's like to feel you're the only one who looks like that".

Peter Dunne

Livestream: Peter Dunne speaks about his decision to quit politics

Peter Dunne announced on Monday he would not seek re-election.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  United Futures Peter Dunne at Khandallah Bowling Club where he is watching the election results on September 20, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand.  Voters head to the polls today to elect the 51st Parliament of New Zealand.  (Photo by Mark Tantrum/Getty Images)

Peter Dunne to stand down

The United Future leader has announced he will not be seeking re-election for Parliament.

Gareth Morgan is not sexist... just senseless.

Gareth Morgan is senseless, not sexist

His 'lipstick on a pig comment' is proof he lacks social IQ.

Auckland train.

Greens promise free public transport for all under-19s

If you're 18 or younger, the Greens will let you use public transport for free.

Labour supporters get their photos taken with Jacinda Ardern

Queues for selfies with Jacinda Ardern

The 'Ardern effect' is in full swing in Tauranga.

China passport

Immigration hits record high - again

Net migration reached 72,400 in the year to July, driven by Australians, Brits and Chinese.

Dr Jonathan Coleman.

National announces $18 GP visit cap

The party will also extend access to the Community Services Card.


Livestream: Gareth Morgan addresses 'lipstick on a pig' comment

Watch as Gareth Morgan addresses media after calling Labour leader Jacinda Ardern "lipstick on a pig".


Morgan standing behind Ardern 'lipstick on a pig' comment

He tweeted a provocative photo, but a TOP spokesman said he was just using a well-known euphemism.

This follows findings that two-thirds of Auckland teachers are considering moving out of town due to the high cost of living.

$3 million to boost Auckland teacher numbers

This follows findings that two-thirds of Auckland teachers are considering moving out of town due to the high cost of living.


Morgan calls Ardern 'lipstick on a pig'

The Opportunities Party leader also offered to help the Labour leader with policy.


Ardern is Labour's 'new hope'

She's more than just a new leader. She's responsible for a new vibe.

HASTINGS, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 20:  Simon Bridges, the Minister of Transport, speaks to media and supporters after New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English announces 10 new roads of national significance will be built including increasing the expressway between Napier and Hastings to four lanes on August 20, 2017 in Hastings, New Zealand.  (Photo by Kerry Marshall/Getty Images)

National promises billions on 10 'significant' roads

The party has vowed to spend another $10.5 billion on roads.

Video: Gareth Morgan doesn't want to be in Parliament - he just wants new policies.

The Opportunities Party's bottom line

The party, which is polling at 2 percent, says any party that wants to work with it has to keep the Māori seats.


Ardern's climate change line an absolute banger

Jacinda Ardern's line is so good, it's surprising no one's used it before.


'Climate change is my generation's nuclear-free moment'

Labour's Jacinda Ardern said she's "determined" to tackle climate change "full on".


Jacinda Ardern's goal: End child poverty

As Prime Minister, Ms Ardern would make ending child poverty her goal.

Video: Jacinda Ardern announces Labour's goal to end child poverty.

Livestream: Labour Party campaign launch 2017

Watch Jacinda Ardern launch Labour's campaign for the 2017 election.