Full speech: Bill English reaches out to Winston Peters 2 hours ago

The National leader wants a new Government formed quickly.

It all comes down to this.

Live updates: 99 percent counted and it's on Winston 2 hours ago

Follow along here for the biggest breaking news as it happens.

Watch Jacinda Ardern's full speech.

Jacinda Ardern: Let's keep doing this 3 hours ago

Watch Jacinda Ardern's full speech.

Watch Winston Peters deliver his speech.

Winston Peters: You have to wait

National could almost make it alone, but NZ First is in no hurry.

Te Ururoa Flavell

Māori Party forced out by swing to Labour

Labour is ahead in all seven Māori electorate seats.


Peters loses Northland electorate

The NZ First leader was too far behind to catch National's Matt King.


Gareth Morgan 'disappointed' with 'selfish' New Zealanders

The TOP leader claimed property owners are ripping off the country's youth.

National's Nikki Kaye.

Nikki Kaye looks set to win Auckland Central

Nikki Kaye had a good lead on the votes, with 10 percent still to go.

Denise Lee looks set to win the Maungakiekie electorate.

National seems safe in Maungakiekie

The central Auckland electorate was considered a key bellwether seat.


Brownlee storms home in Ilam

The Foreign Affairs Minister nearly doubled his nearest rival in the Christchurch seat.


What Winston Peters wants from the next Government

What are the NZ First leader's 'bottom lines' and will this be his final election?


Election Day hoardings faux pas

Both the Greens and National have been caught out, but only one party's billboards are technically illegal.

Voters queue to cast advance votes.

Special votes could still affect election

They won't be counted until October 7.

Which way will the cards fall in Saturday's General Election?

Who will be our new Government?

Newshub looks at the different scenarios which could arise from the election.

Six seats to watch in the 2017 General Election.

Decision 17: Key electorates to watch

These seats could make or break parties' chances in the elections.


Watch NZ's best live election coverage

With nearly 200 people working across 17 live locations, we have the whole country covered.


NZ Elections 2017: Live Results

Newshub brings you live results of the 2017 NZ General Election.


Voting almost over in NZ's 'monster' election

There's now less than an hour to go before polling in the 2017 General Election closes.


Election day: Last chance to vote

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis will flock to the polling booths today.


Clarke Gayford 'in awe' of Jacinda Ardern

He had to book a 15-minute time slot to have lunch with his partner - but says it was worth it.

The PM admits it took "several years" to win over his wife.

How Bill won over Mary

The PM admits it took "several years" to win over his wife.

She had voted early but now it won't count.

Call for change in electoral laws after woman's death

She had voted early but now it won't count.

New Zealanders are turning out in record numbers.

Polling booths run out of enrolment forms as early voting surges

Friday is the last day that people can enrol.

He won't necessarily negotiate first with the party that gets the most votes.

Winston Peters: Going with the largest party 'only a convention'

He won't necessarily negotiate first with the party that gets the most votes.


Which politician ruled Facebook?

But their party wasn't as popular, according to new figures.

Max Key challenges Jacinda Ardern to 'DJ battle'

Max Key challenges Jacinda Ardern to 'DJ battle'

The son of John Key reckons he can push buttons better than the Labour leader.

He says the man was "obviously not a National voter."

Nick Smith's ugly voter confrontation over wet flyer

The man was "obviously not a National voter."


Watch: Paula Bennett sings 'Natural Woman' on National campaign bus

She sang into a plastic toy.

Elections, New Zealand

How to vote on Election Day and get paid

By law, employees can take up to two hours of paid time off work to vote.

Mary and Bill English

Bill English's wife Mary reveals what she loves about him most

The Prime Minister's wife gets emotional in her first TV interview.

Numerous crudely drawn 'Southside' symbols have been drawn using the orange pen.

South Aucklanders go to vote, tag voting booths

Numerous crudely drawn 'Southside' symbols have been drawn using the orange pen.

Patrick Gower reports the final poll results before the election.

Newshub poll: New Zealanders want to see the Greens in Parliament

45 percent of people would be sad to see them go.

Polling booth sign

Sainsbury: No excuses not to vote

This is the one time it's OK for political reporters to show their bias - in the polling booth.

The sketch itself was quite basic.

Helen Clark sketch fails to get any bids in TradeMe auction

The seller was hoping for $10,500.

Clarke Gayford.

Clarke Gayford looking forward to being 'First Ladyman'

Jacinda Ardern's partner fears he'll be less Michelle Obama, more Prince Philip.

Bill English on The AM Show.

Cheeky kids thrust for English

Undeterred, the Prime Minister still had something of substance to say.


Paddy Gower's top five election campaign moments

After an intense election campaign, we've distilled the campaign's five most memorable moments.

Today's the last to enrol, Saturday the last day to vote.

Decision 17: Last chance to enrol

Kiwis have until the end of Friday to enrol so they can have their say in this weekend's election.


'Yes we cannabis!' - New Greens election billboard

The party is pushing for legalised personal use of the drug.


This election, it's all on the line

Every vote will count, Patrick Gower writes.

Watch Patrick Gower's report on the poll.

How the politicians reacted to Newshub's final poll

Guess who said "I have not thought about all those things."

"I hope they're learning some lessons," Bill English says.

National gives Aussies campaign access for elections tips

"I hope they're learning some lessons," Bill English says.

Watch Patrick Gower's report.

Newshub poll: Winston Peters returns as kingmaker

National could pitch a moral argument for forming a Government.


Poll: Either side could take power

It all comes down to Winston Peters.

Will the youth numbers be enough to swing the election for Labour?

'Youthquake' finally arrives in New Zealand

Will the youth numbers be enough to swing the election for Labour?

Newshub's Isobel Ewing and ACT's David Seymour.

Seymour softens stance on Peters then calls him racist

He also called out feminist politicians who failed to table bills on abortion.


Does the weather affect election turnout?

Study suggests good weather leads to a positive view of the Government.

Ms Ardern has spoken of her continued frustration over National's tax claims.

Ardern hits out at National's 'farcical claim' on income tax

"The only place for blame to go is on the party that has spun the lie."


Twitter's dramatic differences on final leaders debate

Policies and pizza - what Kiwis tweeted about during the debate.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 14:  Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern speaks to students at Kelston Girls' College on August 14, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern announced new education policy to give school leavers practical skills including help learning to drive, budgeting, and workplace skills.  (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

Newshub poll: Voters think Jacinda Ardern right to hold off on taxes

The decision has backing across the spectrum, according to the latest Newshub poll.