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Bret McKenzie returns to NZ holding Oscar

Friday 2 Mar 2012 11:20 a.m.

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By Dan Parker and Daniel Rutledge

Bret McKenzie arrived back in Wellington this morning holding his Best Original Song trophy from the Academy Awards.

The Flight of the Conchords star won the Oscar on Monday for his song ‘Man or Muppet’ which was used in The Muppets.

Speaking to 3 News as he made his way through the arrivals area, McKenzie called the last few days of his life “surreal”.

"It was an amazing night," says McKenzie of the Oscars ceremony.

"There was a big party and it's been sort of overwhelming for a few days so I'm back to chill out."

McKenzie spoke of how he celebrated his Oscar win on the night with members of Hollywood’s elite.

"Vanity Fair have this big after party,” he says. “There's lots of people from the awards there and some fairly ridiculous celebrities like the Princess of Monaco and Buzz Aldrin. I hung out with Buzz Aldrin!"

The Oscar win has already created further Hollywood opportunities McKenzie says, although his immediate future will be spent relaxing.

"I'm here for a month or so to take it easy," says McKenzie. "There's lots of cool job offers because of that (the Oscar)."

McKenzie says he is likely to keep the award on top of his piano and will have a swim in Lyall Bay to relax.

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