Charity auction of 15 celebrity Smurfs on 50th anniversary

  • 24/10/2008

In honour of the 50-year celebration of The Smurfs, a charity auction of 15 celebrity Smurfs standing 1.2 metres high and painted by celebrities was held at the Brussels Town Hall.

Smurfs made their first appearance as part of a Belgian comic strip series. The little blue figures with white hats were created by Peyo, a pseudonym for the Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford, and were first published in comic strip form in Belgium in October 1958.

The cartoons went on to become popular around the world.

The auction concluded the "Happy Smurfday Euro Tour" that kicked off earlier this year.

From Helsinki to Athens and Budapest to France, one celebrity Smurf was created in each of 15 countries they visited.

Each Smurf was then decorated by celebrities such as Axelle Red (Belgium), Albert Uderzo (France), the Benetton Family (Italy) and many others.

All of the Smurfs were auctioned off to benefit UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund) raising a total amount of 124,700 euros.

The surprise Smurf designed by Peyo and signed by the Culliford Family sold for the most at 14 thousand euros, followed by the Smurf decorated by Albert Uderzo, and the Benetton family Smurf sold for 12 thousand euros.


source: newshub archive

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