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Extended footage of the Boobs on Bikes 08 parade

Wednesday 20 Aug 2008 2:17 p.m.

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This year's controversial Boobs on Bikes parade in Auckland has had mixed reviews after taking over the central business district.
Thousands spilled onto the streets to see some 30 porn stars bare their chests as they rode on top of tanks, motorbikes and convertible cars.
Organiser Steve Crow, in a black Bentley convertible, is leading the parade of about 100 including topless women riding on motor bikes and tanks, and drag queens and supporters.
Before the parade began, Mr Crow instructed the topless women to keep the jiggling to a minimum and to not do anything that would be deemed offensive.
About 50 demonstrators are gathered half way along Queen Street and will walk in front of the parade to draw attention to sexual violence against women.
The thousands lining the streets are mainly men and many are taking photos of the spectacle.

Warning: This video contains nudity which may be offensive to some viewers.
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