Fleet Foxes touch down for two gigs

  • 13/01/2012

By Laura Frykberg

Fleet Foxes have been the darlings of the indie music scene since their self-titled debut in 2008 received almost universal acclaim from the critics.

They have also got a fanatical fan base which stretches all the way to Wellington where they are playing tonight.

Lead vocalist singer Robin Pecknold says he thinks every musician wants to do something with their influences.

It is this approach which may explain why the band have been such a hit with fans and critics alike.

With vocal harmonies touching on the Beach Boys, and a folk-rock sound reminiscent of Crosby, Stills and Nash, they have somehow managed to remain utterly unique.

Even before they were signed to a label the band already had a large following on MySpace.

But it was their second EP Sun Giant which first got the critics drooling with the evocative tune Mykonos, once described as "salvation for the ears".

“Imagine if someone had burned every bridge in town and was taking off, that would be the general thrust of that song,” says Pecknold.

Since Mykonos, Fleet Foxes popularity has only grown so much so that the original venue of tonight's Wellington gig sold out almost instantly, forcing the band into a bigger one.

“It is really weird to come this far and have people really want to see the band.”

However, he does have one theory on why they are so popular and that is illegal downloading.

“It definitely breaks down the barrier in terms of discovering a band and you can then assume that if someone has downloaded your album, then they come to see the show, then they're a fan.”

Tomorrow night Fleet Foxes play in Auckland but Pecknold is not making any promises.

“Hopefully we'll make the flight tomorrow morning, if we don't I’m very sorry.”

Do not worry; we were told he is referring to potential cancellations due to windy Wellington weather.

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