Former Shortland St star finds special Christmas role

  • 23/12/2010

By David Farrier

This Christmas you're going to have to put up with a lot of TV: some Home Alone and probably something that contains Tim Allen.

Thankfully a bunch of mates have gotten together to deliver alternative fun on YouTube.

It's called "The Rogers Family Xmas".

You know Karl Burnett from Shortland Street, and then from New Zealand's Biggest Loser when he got fat.

Now he's part of the Rogers family.

Depending on your upbringing, they’re just a fairly typical, dysfunctional Kiwi family.

“Even my girlfriend said he’s you! and I was like thanks,” says Burnett.

Joel Herbert wrote the webisodes, which focus around the family preparing and celebrating Christmas. He appears in the show as the boyfriend.

You'll recognise other faces as well, like that dude from the AMI ad.

It's offensive, made on the cheap, and highly enjoyable stuff.

It's nice because everyone involved is taking the mickey out of themselves.

“A lot of people don’t want to be topless getting slapped by a kid! Especially if you're in my shape,” says Burnett.

So, celebrate Christmas with the Rogers family. Final words go to Mr Karl Burnett.

“Merry Christmas, and I didn't really touch her!”

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source: newshub archive