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Getting beach-ready for Summer with Surf Lifesaving NZ

Friday 21 Dec 2012 10:05 a.m.

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The thoughts of many are turning to the beach already, but it’s a place where good times can quickly turn to tragedy.

Matt Williams of Surf Lifesaving New Zealand says Kiwis should be prepared if they plan on heading to the beach.

“If you’re going to go up the mountain, go into the bush for the weekend, you check the weather, you check with the DOC ranger, you check the equipment you need,” he says.  “We find a lot of people just pack up and go to the beach.”

Surf Lifesaving have launched a new website, www.findabeach.co.nz, which Mr Williams says is about helping Kiwis stay informed.

 “You can log on there, type in your favourite beach, and it has all the information you need.  It’s a one-stop shop,” he says.

“We’ve got patrol times, hazards, risks, information about the club, we encourage you to check out the local surf club, join it if you like it.”

Surf Lifesaving is also warning against the dangers of drinking alcohol and then going for a swim.

Watch the video for the full interview with Matt Williams

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