Lorde's lyrics leaked around NZ

  • 26/09/2013

Tomorrow one of the most hyped records of the year comes out. It's called Pure Heroine, and it's by New Zealand musician Lorde.

She's currently in Los Angeles playing shows, but back here in New Zealand her album has been leaking piece by piece.

Well, sort of.

The lyrics have been hidden in places such as classified ads, to giant posters outside the Auckland Art Gallery.

What a ride for Lorde. One second she's on ZM being interviewed by Polly Gillespie, and the next she's on Later with Jools Holland.

Miraculously this whole time her album didn't leak, which makes a viral campaign by her music label quite unique, as they chose to leak her lyrics.

They popped up all over New Zealand – one JB Hi-Fi store embraced 'Ribs', while Real Groovy's shop window went with 'Tennis Court'. Street posters featured 'Buzzcut Season'.

If you were on one bus, you would have seen the lyrics to 'Royals' all over the roof, and Auckland Art Gallery displayed 'A World Alone'.

Meanwhile, fax machines all over the country got the lyrics to 'Glory and Gore'.

The lyrics to '400 Lux' were leaked to Nightline. It might just be one of the best tracks on the album.

Lyrics to '400 Lux':

We're never done with killing time,

Can I kill it with you,

'Til the veins run red and blue?

We come around here all the time,

Got a lot to not do,

Lemme kill it with you.

You pick me up and take me home again,

Head out the window again,

We're hollow like the bottles that we drain,

You drape your wrists over the steering wheel,

Pulses can drive from here,

We might be hollow but we're brave.

And I like you,

I love these roads where the houses don't change,

Where we can talk like there's something to say,

I'm glad that we stopped kissing,

The tar on the highway,

We move in the tree streets,

I'd like it if you stayed.

Now we're wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on,

You buy me orange juice; we're getting good at this,

Dreams of clean teeth,

I can tell that you're tired,

But you keep the car on,

While you're waiting out front.

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source: newshub archive