Rihanna 4 hrs late to school performance

  • 23/03/2013

Rihanna has infuriated students after arriving over four hours late for an appearance at an American high school.

The 25-year-old singer was scheduled to address 2,000 kids in the gymnasium at Barrington High on Friday afternoon.

The students won a visit with Rihanna after placing first in a national competition to produce a video for her hit single Diamonds.

Students began lining up as early as 10:30am to catch a glimpse of the star for her scheduled 1:00pm arrival. But they began walking out in droves as 5:00pm rolled around and Rihanna had yet to show.

Students nicknamed the afternoon “the survive Rihanna event”, according to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

Seventh-grader Jaki Mora called the singer “pathetic”. “It’s one thing to be fashionably late. This is just rude. Our lives don’t revolve around a pop star,” another student, Patricia Halle, fumed to the publication. “Our school worked hard to win this. She should be more respectful,” she said.

Rihanna was eventually introduced at 5:30pm.
She blamed traffic for her tardiness when she tweeted on her way to the event earlier in the afternoon. “This Chicago traffic is not working,” she captioned a photo of herself on the freeway.

Rihanna’s appearance lasted a reported 16 minutes. The singer told the kids she was “impressed and touched” seeing their video and gave out hugs before making her exit.


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source: newshub archive