Wolfenstein: The New Order E3 interview with Jerk Gustafsson

  • 01/07/2013

Wolfenstein: The New Order is an upcoming first-person shooter in development by MachineGames for publishing by Bethesda Softworks.

The reboot of the classic shooter franchise is set in an alternate history 1960s world where the Nazis won World War II.

Players assume the role of series protagonist William B.J. Blazkowicz and are tasked with launching an "impossible counter-offensive" against the Nazi powers that have taken over the world.

The game was shown off at E3 this year and while there I interviewed executive producer Jerk Gustafsson to find out more. You may watch the video interview or read the transcript below.

Why did you want to create a new Wolfenstein game?
It's one of those classic games that you played when you were younger, even before you enter the industry. So when Bethesda asked us if we wanted to take on Wolfenstein it was a huge honour for us. It's really, really good to go make a new version of a classic game.

So you were a fan of the original, many years ago when it came out?
Yes I was. It was pretty much the first game I ever played. I've always been a great Id Software fan. So in that sense it's very nice to do a new version of it.

Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshot

One of the things people love about Wolfenstein games is killing Nazis. Is that one of the main appeals for you?
It is a shooter, so we're focusing a lot on the actual shooting. We want that to be enjoyable, of course, and I think Nazis are one of the best enemies to have in a game, because everybody loves to shoot Nazis. So yeah, we love it. We love to shoot Nazis.

There's quite a bit of cool technology in The New Order, quite a few cool weapons. Tell me about your favourite weapons in the game.
I think Wolfenstein right from the beginning has been a lot about heavy weapons. So we are trying to honour that legacy in many ways. I think my favourite is the shotgun we have, and also the fact you can duel-wield the shotguns. You can walk around with two fully automatic shotguns. That's a very, very fun thing to do.

I don't know if we're allowed to talk about this yet, but is Hitler going to be in the game?
o, I'm not allowed to talk about that yet. *with a mischievous grin and giggle*

The New Order is quite challenging, it feels a little more difficult than a lot of first-person shooters. Why did you decide to make it a bit more of a challenge?
That's also a part of the legacy of Wolfenstein, because I think the original was a bit harder 10 or 15 years ago. So I want the normal, the medium difficulty to be a challenge, even for a rather experienced first-person shooter gamer. But on the other hand, we have two levels of difficulty below that as well. So we have both 'easy', as well as 'very easy'. And two levels above. So there's a lot of options. If you want to have a challenge, you can get a challenge, that's for sure.

Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshot

In the theatre demonstration in the first segment of the game I saw, there was actually no shooting. It was all dialogue and choices. Can you tell me a little about the storyline, the non-shooter elements of the game?
We have a history of focusing on story-driven games in our work with Starbreeze, with Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness. So I think it's natural for us to do, to continue to do those kinds of games. We're also deviating a bit from the regular, classic shooter, The New Order is more of an action-adventure than just a regular shooter. So we are really focusing a lot on the narrative. We want to have a very appealing story, that people get interested in and it makes them want to continue playing, that's very important for us.

What's the one thing that brings you the most joy from The New Order?
I'm not sure I can talk about that yet because we haven’t shown it. We've got a lot of surprises. But there is the shotguns. I get love to play with duel-wield shotguns.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set for release later this year on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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