X Factor NZ eliminates Fletcher Mills, Maaka Fiso

  • 10/06/2013

The double elimination episode of The X Factor NZ was always going to be tough to watch for any fans of the show.

I've followed the programme from day one so I was very nervous about who was going to be sent home last night.

After all the public votes had been counted, the three bottom acts were to be singled out and the act with the lowest number of votes would be sent home straight away.

The unlucky act in this position last night was Fletcher Mills.

Mills was an act that divided the X Factor audience. People either loved him or loved to hate him.

Every time his face appeared on screen the studio would be filled with screams...but this failed to transfer in to votes.

The other two acts who were to 'sing for their lives' were Maaka Fiso and Gap 5.

Gap 5's inclusion in the bottom two was a huge surprise to me. Reviewers and critics have been picking this act as the obvious winner for weeks, with some even saying there was no point carrying on with the show.

This again proved that popular opinion doesn't necessarily mean you are safe.

After they performed in a sing off against each other, it was down to the judges to decide their fate.

With Mel Blatt and Stan Walker picking their respective acts to stay in the competition, it was Daniel Bedingfield and Ruby Frost who sent Maaka Fiso home.

An emotional Walker, who says Fiso has "the best voice in the competition", hugged him on stage for well over a minute. Walker is so passionate about his acts and I love this about him.

Fiso says:  “This experience has been one of the best of my life and I will always remember it. I have grown and it’s pushed me as an artist.”
With two more acts sent packing, we are one step closer to finding the winner.

But if I've learnt anything about X Factor so far, it is to expect the unexpected. No one is safe.

Next week the contestants will be singing top 40 hits. I will be in the mosh pit for that one.

3news.co.nz will be speaking to Maaka Fiso and Fletcher Mills later today.

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source: newshub archive