Lovely owl video: The cutest owl on the internet

  • 20/11/2011

An adorable baby owl video has taken flight on YouTube; Lovely Owl has been viewed almost 2.5 million times in only one week.

It was shot in the northern Italian municipality of Biassono at a birds of prey convention by the Falconers of Orobie.

The star is a little owlet called Mola, meaning "spring" in Italian, which seems to go into a state of bliss as it receives pats from human hands.

A collection of owls are edited into the video to form a story of love, loneliness and jealousy.

While owls aren't typical household pets, a dangerous demand for wide-eyed companions was reportedly sparked by the Harry Potter franchise.

Last year the environment minister in India warned that obsessive Harry Potter fans were contributing to the growing illegal trade of owls in the country.

Watch the video below:

This video was uploaded by the Falconers of Orobie in 2010:

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source: newshub archive