Public to name panda triplets

  • 22/04/2013

Hamilton Zoo is giving animal lovers a chance to name its adorable Nepalese panda triplets.

Born on December 20 last year, the three boys are finally venturing out into their enclosure after being cared for in their mother's den.

They've lived four months without names, and now it's up to the public to decide what they should be called. But there's a catch; names must be from the pandas' native countries, Nepal and China.

Zoo curator Sam Kudewah says Nepalese panda cubs are slow to develop, so the first months are crucial.

"Red pandas are one of the few species with a global captive breeding programme, which Hamilton Zoo is proud to be part of. We are really pleased to be able to contribute to the survival of the species with this breeding opportunity."

The arrival of the triplets doubled the number of Nepalese pandas at the zoo, joining their mother Tayla, father Chito and brother Ketu.

The competition closes on May 5.

Watch the video to see the Nepalese pandas at Hamilton Zoo.

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source: newshub archive