VIDEO: Koalas injured in Australian bushfires

  • 15/11/2012

By 3 News Australia Correspondent Rachel Morton

Animal rescuers are treating several injured koalas after last week’s bush fire in South Australia.

One of them, two-year-old female Narla, was found with a burnt nose, singed ears and four burnt paws. Her paws are in bandages and need regular soaking to stop them radiating heat.

Narla is the second koala to be brought to the rescue centre after a bushfire tore through two thousand hectares of scrub near Port Lincoln in South Australia last week.

Three-year-old female Marley is also being cared for after being found under a burnt tree and is considered to be in a critical condition. Her baby didn’t survive the fire.

Like Narla, Marley is also suffering from severely burnt paws. Wildlife expert Aaron Machado told Australia’s Seven News, “If we can get her through tonight and tomorrow we’ll be quietly confident she can pull through, but she doesn’t look too good this morning.”

A third koala, a baby, was also brought to the shelter overnight.

A kangaroo is also receiving treatment for her injuries and rescuers fear there are hundreds of other animals with injuries who haven’t yet been found.

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source: newshub archive