Don Brash mocked online

  • 26/04/2011

By Dan Satherley

The prospect of a new political party fronted by Don Brash has caused a stir online – much of it mocking the aging former National leader.

Using the hashtag #brashpartypolicies, Twitter users have been suggesting potential policies the hypothetical party might adopt.

@ImperatorFish offers up "reading other people's email to be a capital offence", "find evidence that John Key was born in Kenya", "eliminate poverty by declaring war on the poor" and the timely "offer to become a UK citizen if they will make him their king", among others.

@AceMcWicked suggests Brash would send flying monkeys to find union leaders, much like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz.

@haydenwilsonnz suggests Brash would "privatise the money supply".

Other Twitter users have mocked his attempt to take over ACT, despite not being a member of the party.

"Don Brash makes a pitch for All Blacks captaincy, despite not being an All Black," tweets @sumostevenson. "Brash says it's just a procedural matter."

"Don Brash pitches for the captaincy of the Starship Enterprise," writes @stormrose. "Says the fact/fiction barrier is a mere procedural matter."

It would appear, at least in the Twitterverse, not many people are pleased to see Dr Brash have another go at politics. At the time of writing, a Twitter search for "Don Brash" doesn't bring up a single positive tweet, but plenty of jokes.

"Oh well, I guess NZ will never get to feel the warm vibes of a party containing John Banks, Rodney Hyde (sic) and Don Brash," tweets @rhettsnell.

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source: newshub archive