Leaked complaint shows extent of Maori Party split

  • 04/02/2011

By Patrick Gower

The Maori Party's internal fight has worsened ahead of this weekend's Waitangi Day celebrations.

3 News has obtained the confidential internal complaint against Hone Harawira by his fellow MPs.

The complaint says the MPs have lost trust in Mr Harawira and claims he acts unethically.

Not to be outdone, Mr Harawira has described his party colleagues as "dickheads".

All mums love their sons, and Titewhai Harawira is no different. She's upset with Mr Harawira's fellow MPs.

"What they've successfully done is expose themselves - their lack of leadership, lack of integrity and lack of honesty."

Mr Harawira and party whip Te Ururoa Flavell played happy families out in public this week. But 3 News has now obtained the internal party complaint from Mr Flavell exposing their division.

It shows the Maori Party MPs have "lost trust and confidence" in Mr Harawira because he "acts unethically and without integrity" and "deliberately undermines" the party and the leaders.

And then, in Te Reo, Mr Flavell warns "the tortara that is split, will simply be consumed by the fire".

Ms Titewhai really took exception to that.

"I think that's a quote, that's ah, got no imagination, no grounds, and it sounds good out there in the Pakeha world - but in the Maori world, it doesn't carry any weight."

Mr Harawira's own views on the dispute require little imagination. On Facebook, he said, "It looks like these dickheads only have expulsion on their mind."

Ms Titewhai wants Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples to go. While she claims her son doesn't want the job - she couldn't resist giving him a plug.

"Mr Harawira has been a leader for many, many years amongst his people, and is seen as a leader amongst Maori around the country."

The documents show the breakdown in the Maori Party is at the point of no return. The MPs just don't trust Mr Harawira - they want him gone. The question is, can they do it - and at what cost?

3 News

source: newshub archive