New Labour President not worried about poisoned chalice

  • 02/04/2011

By Charlotte Shipman

Andrew Little has handed over the keys to his presidential successor, leaving him and his leader locked out of the party's headquarters.

But there was no answer from his deputy, Annette King.

The rest of Labour's national council discussed the resignation of Darren Hughes and how it was dealt with.

Goff and Little say Hughes is old news.

“We've accepted there's a much bigger issue at stake here, which is getting our election campaign well underway,” he says.

Initially Goff didn't tell Little he knew about the sexual allegations against Hughes.

A lapse the new party president says won't happen again.

“We've learnt the lessons that are to be learnt, we can do better, there was a glitch around communication and Phil and Annette and I have got processes in place for communication going forwards,” says new president Moira Coatsworth.

Processes which didn't extend to a hobbling Trevor Mallard, who was also locked out.

Coatsworth has been involved with Labour for more than 20 years, for the past two she's been Little's vice-president.

Little is planning to stand for Labour in New Plymouth in the general election.

Nominations for Hughes' Otaki electorate will reopen on Monday and former minister Judith Tizard is expected to decide tomorrow if she'll return to parliament.

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source: newshub archive

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