Young ACT leader tells woman to ‘get raped’

  • 28/06/2011

A storm of controversy is brewing after a young ACT Party leader suggested a female “get raped” during an online political discussion.

ACT on Campus Auckland vice-president Cameron Browne made the controversial comment on Facebook yesterday.

Speaking on RadioLIVE this morning, Rape Prevention Education director Dr Kim McGregor said she was upset by the suggestion.

“Inappropriate comments about rape are offensive to most rape survivors,” she says.

“I think that anyone who has experienced the often frightening and painful, degrading act of rape will k now that it is not anything that someone should make a throwaway comment about.”

Ms McGregor believes Mr Browne could benefit from some voluntary work.

“It would probably be good if he went and spent some time volunteering in a rape crisis centre, so that he could witness the hundreds of people who are attending the rape crisis centre annually.”

More than 1000 people marched in Wellington in the so-called ‘Slut Walks’ on Saturday, sending the message that the way women dress isn’t a rape invitation.


source: newshub archive