Inaugural Queenstown light festival draws thousands

  • 06/06/2016
  • By Dave Goosselink
(James Allan)

Thousands of punters have turned out for Queenstown's first public light festival, LUMA, following Sydney's successful three-night extravaganza.

The festival celebrated art, technology and design through the medium of light over Queen's Birthday weekend.

A collection of art sculptures, light installations and illuminations were showcased in the Queenstown Gardens, along with an open-air cinema, attracting more than 4000 people on its opening night.

The team behind it where overwhelmed with the numbers.

"It's hard to anticipate number when you're putting an event on for the first time, especially on this scale," says event organiser Luke Baldock.

The garden's pine trees were lit up in time to music, controlled by punters hands over a small podium.

A pop-up lounge area was set up beneath an old tree in the heart of the Gardens, near The World Bar.

"It's wonderful to inject some vibrancy and draw people out of their homes and outside into the beautiful Queenstown Gardens," says Mr Baldock.

He says they're already looking forward to planning next year's event.

The festival was a non-profit initiative organised by LUMA Light Festival Trust, and reliant on a dedicated group of volunteers from Queenstown.

(Jordan McInally)

(Jordan McInally)


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