Story takes a look back at the best and worst of 2016

  • 09/12/2016
Stephen Joyce had a dildo thrown at his face at Waitangi (Newshub.)
Stephen Joyce had a dildo thrown at his face at Waitangi (Newshub.)

There is no doubt 2016 has been a memorable year, and Story has picked its favourite moments.

1. Havelock North's water contamination

The first winners of 2016 - suppliers of buckets and bleach.

Campylobacter got into Havelock North's water supply. Tests confirmed the disease had contaminated the town's water supply bore, affecting 4100 people in the area.

The council did a collective shoulder-shrug and now we've got that most ineffective of things, a Government inquiry.

2. Pokemon Go

Anyone who hates social interaction was also in for a treat this year.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality, mobile app-based game, based on the original animated television series.

A curious game where players chase imaginary critters turned droves of us into apparent zombies.

Players walk around in real-time "catching" Pokemon on their phones and "levelling up" their trainers.

Another upside, big telcos made heaps of money.

3. The deaths of Prince, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie

Haters of fine music also rejoiced. This year seemed to be a never-ending story of losing musical geniuses.

2016 made sure the world was no longer burdened with artistic genius or thought-provoking lyrics from at least three treasured musical icons.

4. Climate change

If you are sick of the cold weather, thank 2016 for heating things up.

The UN says it's almost certainly the hottest year ever recorded.

Another bonus for sun lovers - the incoming US president reckons climate change is a myth made up by the Chinese.

5. Trump's wall

Speaking of that down-to-Earth, humble guy, Donald Trump - he has also made 2016 a banger year for bricklayers and suppliers of large scale construction materials.

He's sticking to his claim, that means they'll have a big job coming up.

6. Stephen Joyce and the dildo

There is one thing we can all be happy about, and that's Stephen Joyce taking it on the chin and giving us the best slow-motion reply in television history.