Flock of mystery sheep turn up on Rangiora farm

  • 01/12/2016
  • By Caley Callahan
A mystery flock of sheep have turned up on a Rangiora farm with their owners no where in sight (supplied)

A flock of 21 sheep have found their way onto a Rangiora farm after supposedly escaping on Tuesday.

Farmer Neil Smith says the sheep were hustled into his paddock because the person who found them thought they were his.

He kept them safe in his paddock so they wouldn't become a danger for traffic on the nearby highway.

"They're better there because it was coming on dark," he says.

"At least they'd be off the road."

Mr Smith says he doesn't mind having the sheep because he has hundreds of his own.

"It doesn't worry me, I've got about 300 here anyway but they haven't been dagged, they haven't been drenched so I'm keeping them separated."

He says he has asked neighbours and the community but no one seems to know where they've come from.

"They could have travelled a long way.

"I hope the owners recognise they're missing a few sheep."

Despite the added animal count Mr Smith says if they aren't claimed they could become pretty handy at this time of year.

"They'd look pretty good at Christmas time I suppose," he said jokingly.


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