Christchurch kids form a human 'thank you' for firefighters

(Richie McCaw/ Facebook)
(Richie McCaw/ Facebook)

Students at Halswell School got into a 'thank you' formation on their field on Friday, a symbol of appreciation for all of those who've been helping battle the Port Hills blaze.

Former All Black captain and helicopter pilot Richie McCaw posted a snap of the formation from his helicopter this afternoon.

"Halswell school came out to say thank you to all the helicopter pilots for their work on the Port Hills fires.

"Been a huge effort from a lot of people over the past week," he wrote.

Mr McCaw has been pitching in with the firefighting effort.

The Christchurch community has also thanked those fighting the blaze.

The blaze has been contained within a 2075 hectare area, and cordons are being lifted in some areas as locals celebrate a dousing of rain.