The highest and lowest-paying jobs in New Zealand

A Government-owned website has laid out the top and bottom-paying jobs in New Zealand that are listed on TradeMe.

According to Careers NZ, many of the highest-paying jobs appear to be within the information technology sector, while the lowest include retail and hospitality.

The lists are based on the median salaries for jobs advertised on the job-seeking site in 2017.

Here are the top ten in each category:

Highest-paying jobs:

Information architects (IT) - $135,000

Data warehousing and business intelligence (IT) - $115,000

Cyber security specialists - $105,000

Construction project and contract management - $105,000

IT sales - $105,000

Finance managers and controllers - $100,000

Database experts - $95,000

In-house legal counsel - $95,000

Quantity surveying - $95,000

Surveying - $95,000

Lowest-paying jobs:

Kitchen staff - $32,000

Bar staff and baristas - $33,000

Housekeeper - $33,000

Retail assistant - $33,000

Assistant store managers - $35,000

Process and assembly worker - $35,000

Tour guide $35,000

Waiting staff - $35,000

Machine operation - $36,000

Receptionist - $36,000

However it is worth noting some higher-paying jobs may not be included, if they're not advertised through TradeMe.


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