Red Peak's fate to be decided over tea

  • 16/09/2015
Red Peak (File)
Red Peak (File)

It could be D-day for the Red Peak flag design today, as John Key and Andrew Little are set to sit down over a cup of tea today to discuss how it could be added as a fifth referendum finalist.

The Prime Minister is happy to change the law to allow it, and the Labour leader supports him as long as Kiwis are asked if they want a flag change first.

Mr Key has ruled that out, and it seems Mr Little is open to options.

"If we can get a good quality, honest discussion and dialogue between the Prime Minister and myself, and restore confidence in the referendum process, that would be a good thing and I am confident it will achieve a positive outcome," Mr Little says.

He has ruled out taking the entire process back to square one.

More than 50,000 Kiwis have signed a petition calling for the design to be added as a finalist.

Rowan Simpson began the campaign two weeks ago and has delivered the signatures to Parliament on a USB drive.

"There are two identical flags in the four, so he just has to swap one of those for [Red Peak] and then people can have that choice," Mr Simpson says. "If the fern is the popular choice, then great. If this is the popular choice, then great."


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