Crowd funded gadgets you didn't know you needed

  • 05/11/2015
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)

Kickstarter is a US crowd funding platform, where people who want to launch products or businesses ask for pledges of money from the public and set a funding target.

If the target is met the money is paid and the project goes ahead... if it isn't, no one pays. So what are some of the best (& weirdest) gadgets that have been funded?

Our tech man Vaughn Davis spoke to Paul Henry about it thanks to Trend Micro.


Cool: Tile ($25)

- It's a magical little tag that you attach to anything you might want to find - your keys, your bike, even your dog

- Connects to a wifi network and the app shows the distance from your Tile and when you hit a button it beeps

- If the bike/dog is stolen, every other tile app user's phone detects when it's close and you get an alert and see its position on a map


Quirky: Vavuud Anemometer

- Turns your phone into a wind gadget! Plugs in to the bottom of your phone, and very cleverly uses magnets

- You get a wind reading and your reading is uploaded to a worldwide map of Vavuud users, so you can see wind conditions in other areas

- Good for boaties, pilots, kite surfers

- If only there were more than 1 in NZ the map would be more useful...


Kooky: Nophone: $5

- A "phone" with zero features

- Just a phone-shaped slab of plastic you can carry around instead of a phone... like a nicotine patch for iphone users

- 915 backers put $20k into it and you can buy one online

- Also available in 14k gold.

Watch the video for the full segment.

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