Orlando, Ozzy and Simon

  • 05/08/2016
Orlando, Ozzy and Simon

Three big names are making headlines today: Orlando Bloom, Simon Cowell and Ozzy Osbourne, all for very different reasons.

The New York Daily News has leaked photos of Katy Perry and a completely naked Orlando Bloom paddle-boarding while on holiday in Italy. Twitter is terribly excited about it, but neither Orlando nor Katy have commented.

And Ozzy Osbourne has revealed he is undergoing "intense therapy" for a "sex addiction" that was putting his marriage to Sharon Osbourne at risk.

People are suspicious Simon Cowell, whose face is looking puffy and stretched, has had a 'freshen up'. He's been open about having Botox in the past, saying he gets it done about twice a year. Some are saying he's gone a bit far this time.

UK associate editor Dan Wootton joined Paul Henry from London.
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