Lydia Ko ignored team recommendations to axe caddy Jason Hamilton

Ko ignored team recommendations (Getty image)
Ko ignored team recommendations (Getty image)

Lydia Ko ignored team recommendations when she ended her relationship with her caddy of two years, Jason Hamilton.

Ko's swing coach Sean Hogan told Radio LIVE on Wednesday afternoon that she went against team advice after he had suggested that she see out the rest of the year with Hamilton.

"It was unexpected that she was going to make the change at the end of the week," said Hogan.

"Our recommendation was maybe that given she has three events left including race to the finish here in the Tour Championship where they’ve had success to maybe finish the year out."

The world No.1's recent struggles have been well documented but Hogan believed that, purely because of her form at the corresponding tournaments in previous years, Hamilton should have been retained.

"We thought given the success that they had had and certainly the success in the run up to the Tour Championship, an event she's won with Jason on the bag, to go through that event and maybe make a clean cut after the event."

"But in her mind it needed to happen now".

Hogan believed that the decision was because of a 'down' that a marriage-like relationship of a golfer and caddy experiences.

"She had cited a little lack of chemistry over the recent past. Obviously between caddy and player inside the ropes, that relationship is sort of a marriage."

When asked about who would caddy for her for the remaining three events of the season, Hogan was pretty sure Ko already had a bagman lined up.

"She'd mentioned a caddy that’s located in Malaysia, I believe he's done some stuff on the men's tour.

"She seemed like she was pretty much covered for the next couple of weeks which is obviously a good thing."