Silver Fern Laura Langman braces for the unknown

Silver Fern Laura Langman braces for the unknown

In two nights from now Laura Langman will venture into unknown territory - not being a Silver Fern.

The final Constellation Cup Test against Australia won't just be her 141st Test, it will be her 141st Test in a row.

She is clearly a tough customer - unbreakable on the court - and doing her best to be unemotional about ending an unprecedented international run.

"I don't want to put my energy into something so sad," admitted Langman.

A stunned Langman made her Silver Ferns debut at 18.

"It all happened so fast."

Since then under three coaches the mid-courter has been the glue holding the Ferns together on court - but her decision to play for the Sunshine Coast in next year's Australian Competition means she is ineligible to play for New Zealand.

Ineligible, but still available.

"Whilst I'm still playing, I'll still be available for the Ferns. So it's up to the powers that be whether they want me or not."

One of Langman's team-mates at Sunshine Coast will be Australian shooter Caitlin Bassett, but right now she is a firm foe after her 55 point effort helped defeat the Ferns 62-50 in Auckland.

"I'm definitely ready for everything they're ready to throw at us - I'm expecting some antics especially from Harrison and Grant who are a fantastic combo," said Bassett.

It'll take more than a winning finish to Langman's 141st test to secure the series - the Ferns need to win by 22 goals.