Video: Steven Adams shines in preseason for Oklahoma City Thunder

  • 19/10/2016
  • By Matt Tewhatu

Steven Adams registered another impressive preseason performance on Wednesday afternoon (NZT), teaming up with Russell Westbrook to lead the Thunder to a 10-point victory over the Denver Nuggets.

And whilst we all know how good the kiwi is on the court, he's always equally as refreshing off it.

Known for his physicality and his toughness, Adams has established a special place in the heart of American sports reporters, and his exchange with one in the post-match press conference is an example of that.

"Flip shot? Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays mate?"

Reporter: Personally that's what I've been calling it *laughs*

"You bloody old timer."

"I just throw it up bro. I've been practicing it a little but I just throw it up and hope for the best."

Watch the entire video above


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