Freaky discovery as real bones unearthed at haunted house

  • 19/10/2016
  • By Newshub staff

A haunted house in the US got a bit more than it bargained for when it began remodelling ahead of Halloween.

Dusty and forgotten in storage were two 19th century coffins, donated to Wisconsin-based Terror on the Fox years ago.

But it's what was inside that really spooked the house's organisers.

"When we pulled the caskets out of the storage, that's when we actually discovered there were skeletons in there," Terror on the Fox's Miranda Schutt told WFRV-TV.

Two real, human skeletons now make the haunted event seem terrifyingly real.

"When we had a closer look we realized those are definitely not fake bones," Ms Schutt.

It's thought the skeletons were medical skeletons.

"One, the whole skeleton was totally intact," Ms Schutt says.

The skeletons now have a new haunted home out of storage, and alongside a room lined with fake skulls.


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