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Auckland's RWC train service 'disgraceful'

Friday 9 Sep 2011 11:02 p.m.

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It was a case of ready, set, stop for 4,000 rugby fans tonight.

Train loads of people who had paid hundreds of dollars to watch the opening night of the Rugby World Cup, were left stranded by Auckland’s train system.

Many resorted to jumping off the trains and climbing up banks in a desperate attempt to get to Eden Park, while others had no idea whereabouts in Auckland they were.

Meanwhile, just the sheer number of people – up to 100,000 – is causing problems at the Auckland waterfront tonight.

It seems the size of the crowd was too much for some rugby fans, who felt the only way to escape being crushed was to jump in the water.

Police rescued a group of four people, including a young boy, from the water.

Three were then transported to hospital with minor injuries.

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