Blitz gives chatty drivers motivation to quit

  • 02/12/2012

By 3 News online staff

Police say the public welcomed their week-long crackdown on drivers using cellphones – including some of those caught in the act.

Last week marked the third anniversary of the ban.

"What is really pleasing is that anecdotal feedback from police staff across the country suggests most people have responded positively to the campaign," says national manager road policing Supt Carey Griffiths, "with feedback from many motorists saying that they are unimpressed when they see someone using their cellphone at the wheel, and that they are pleased that police are enforcing the rule.

"Equally, many of those who have been caught have been contrite about being ticketed and have said it was about time they were caught to stop them doing it again."

Despite the week-long campaign coming to an end last night, police say they will be continuing to keep an eye out for risky behaviour.

"People seem to be taking on board the message that it’s not okay to be on the open road at 100km/h and not be giving your full attention to driving because you're using your phone or handheld device to send a text or check an email, as nothing is that important."

Other safety measures police are watching out for are failing to wear seatbelts and or not restraining children appropriately.

"We know that just as putting away cellphones and other distractions can make a difference, wearing seat belts also continues to save lives, even though there are still some drivers and their passengers who just don't get it," says Mr Griffiths.

"These are two very simple things that we can all do that can make a difference. It is not hard or time consuming, but can be the difference between life and death if something goes wrong."

The total number fined during the blitz won't be known for a few weeks.

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source: newshub archive