Bruno's tyre obsession sees him behind bars

  • 26/06/2011

By Amanda Gillies

Two South Auckland police cars and an animal control vehicle were attacked overnight, but the offender was not the usual suspect.

Police say a large dog attacked and punctured four tyres before taking off.

He was finally caught this morning.

When Bruno was just a little puppy he was run over by a car and ever since he has been attacking strange vehicles by biting the tyres.

Last night was his most recent attack.

A South Auckland police sergeant was patrolling when Bruno attacked his vehicle, biting the tyre and puncturing it.

The cop changed the tyre but when he returned, the bull mastiff cross punctured his tyre once again.

Another sergeant came to the officer's aid but he too had his tyre attacked and punctured.

Eventually police had to call an animal control officer and he too fell victim to Bruno’s tyre obsession.

Two animal controllers returned to the scene this morning and a calmer Bruno was finally put behind bars.

The owners, Jane and Fay Gock, say Bruno protects the family from any outside illegal behaviour.

“He's a good natured dog, apart from this problem he has from biting car tyres, there is nothing wrong,” says Jane.

“We do have him locked up but we can't have him locked up all the time,” says Fay.

A remorseful Bruno is now being held in an animal shelter. His owners have to build him a proper enclosure before he's allowed back home.

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source: newshub archive