Fairfax apologises for missing papers

  • 02/08/2011

By Dan Parker

Fairfax Media has apologised for its failure to publish four newspapers this morning, including The Press in Christchurch and The Dominion Post in Wellington.

A computer fault was to blame, but the company says it still hasn't worked out exactly what went wrong.

Fairfax CEO Allen Williams has apologised for the fault, saying the company is “sorry we had a failure”.

Compensation may be offered to advertisers, retailers and subscribers.

Corruption of Fairfax’s Auckland-based editorial input system meant four of its daily papers never went to press, leaving customers and retailers disappointed this morning.

The Press editor Andrew Holden says it was “a long, boring night hoping that the system could come back up”, and staff were left disappointed and frustrated.

The papers affected were The Dominion Post, The Press, the Timaru Herald and The Southland Times.

Traffic to Fairfax’s online news sites increased as a result of the fault – somewhat ironically, as the move to online is a trend newspapers have been fighting to avoid.

In Wellington around 100,000 copies of The Dominion Post were missing from newsstands, with suppliers upset at lost business.

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source: newshub archive