Free milk on the way for primary schools

  • 15/12/2011

By Rachel Morten

Fonterra is poised to embark on a public relations offensive, with free milk for primary school children among a range of ideas to get consumers back onside.

According to decile one Tamaki School in Auckland, the move is a welcome one.

“It’s going to be good for families because they do the best with what they’ve got but it’s very very difficult to be able to afford the best healthy type of food,” says principal Corrine Hansell.

Principal Hansell says they already have fruit in schools and the kick start free breakfast programme and they've made an enormous difference. 

Fonterra will release details of how many primary schools will benefit tomorrow in an announcement but it is understood the free milk will initially be available to low decile schools in the upper North Island.

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source: newshub archive