Martin and Jane Weekes welcome twins

  • 31/07/2013

By 3 News online staff

Jane and Martin Weekes have welcomed twins, after losing their two-year-old triplets in a fire tragedy last year.

Poppy and Parker Weekes were born yesterday by caesarean section.

"Mum, Poppy and Parker are all doing well," Mr Weekes said on Firstline this morning.

"Jane had to have a general anaesthetic yesterday unfortunately, so that wiped her out for the day, but she's much perkier today and the babies are doing really well."

Lillie, Jackson and Wilsher Weekes were killed in the May 2012 fire at the Villaggio Mall in Doha, which claimed 19 lives. Two firefighters, four crèche staff and 13 children were among those who lost their lives.

Mr Weekes told RadioLIVE the twins' names are significant to their lost triplets.

"They're names that we liked, obviously our first daughter was Lillie so we really wanted to stick with a flower name. Parker is 'Parker James Wilsher Weekes'. James was Jackson's middle name and Wilsher was the name of our youngest son," says Mr Weekes.

He says it would have been nice if the triplets could be there, but is "over the moon" nonetheless.

"My older children now have two younger siblings to rummage around their rooms and cause chaos, just like before."

The twins came a bit early, and Mr Weekes says he now has a bit of DIY to do to prepare the family home for their arrival.

The couple announced in March they were expecting twins.

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source: newshub archive