Mayor not offended by 'cheeky' protest

  • 02/12/2012

Christchurch's mayor is assuring New Brighton residents they're not being neglected following a cheeky beachside protest.

About 80 locals bared their bottoms yesterday in a bid to claim the city council's attention, claiming the area hasn't been paid enough attention following the earthquakes.

Bob Parker says New Brighton is at the end of the infrastructure line, but the council is dedicated to creating a new vision for the area.

"If they don't think we're working hard enough yet, well, we'll prove to them in the months ahead in fact they're wrong," says Mr Parker.

"But I just thought it was a very creative protest, a bit of fun, I didn't find it offensive. I think they had a point to make."

The draft New Brighton Rebuild plan is being presented to the local community board today.


source: newshub archive