McDonald's Monopoly stunt could backfire

  • 29/01/2013

McDonald’s admits it didn’t completely think out its plan to allow Monopoly money to be used as real currency in restaurants tomorrow.

The marketing ploy allows customers to buy frozen cokes with the board game’s money to help promote the return of Monopoly Millionaire, an in-store game where diners can win prizes.

Kiwis are encouraged to raid their Monopoly banks and hand over the faux-notes, which will not be returned afterwards.

However, a spokesperson for McDonald’s says the company didn’t consider the consequences of the stunt, which could leave Monopoly sets depleted of money and unusable.

“I didn’t think about that when I did my risk-analysis,” a spokesperson says.

Customers are limited to one drink but there is nothing stopping people from visiting numerous outlets.

A standard monopoly set contains 240 notes, allowing a family of five to claim 48 free frozen cokes each.

McDonald’s is giving out $25,000 worth of Monopoly money tomorrow to help with the promotion, which lasts one day only.

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source: newshub archive

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