New Zealand's monster trout

  • 21/03/2013

The biggest brown trout ever caught in New Zealand has been hooked in the central South Island.

But could the monster fish break the world record of 20 kilograms?

For taxidermist Bob King it is the biggest brown he's ever seen.

The giant trout was caught in the milky waters of the Ohau B hydro canal in the McKenzie Country.

Otwin Kandolf was fishing near a salmon farm where trout feed on the pellets beneath the nets.

“I couldn't believe it. It looked to me like a submarine,” he says.

He took some photos soon after but it was too big to weigh - so Mr King has brought it to a Timaru butchery with some heavy scales.

Weighing in at 19.1 kg or 42 pounds and one ounce, it’s 3 lbs short of the world record but the biggest caught in New Zealand.

And so after one last photo for the record books the old trout is now destined to be mounted and hung on a wall.

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source: newshub archive