Planning for the future's 'megachange'

  • 02/12/2012

By 3 News online staff

A forum in Auckland today is bringing together leaders from the worlds of business, government and academia to discuss how we should respond to issues confronting our country and the rest of the planet.

Doctor Daniel Franklin, the executive editor of The Economist magazine and the editor of a book called Megachange: The World In 2050, will be leading the presentations at the forum.

He says discussions such as those being held today are important to help people prepare for the future and the struggles it may bring.

“We all have to plan for our future and you can see certain of the really big changes sweeping the world that you can prepare for quite well,” says Dr Franklin.

He believes Asia will be a big part of the story, but is predicting an extra 2.3 billion people on the planet before 2050 – and believes most will be in Africa.

“Africa has a great opportunity, not just because of the outright growth in its population but the age profile so it has a chance for what’s called the demographic dividend of a large working-age population,” he says.

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source: newshub archive

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