Police arrest 13yo caught speeding at 160kph

  • 07/12/2012

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested after he was clocked racing in a stolen car at speeds of up to 160kph.

Police gave chase after he was reportedly seen speeding around 4:30am on State Highway 1 between Levin and Otaki.

When pulled over, the boy told police it was his first time driving, but gave no other explanation for his actions.  Police confirmed he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Sergeant Derek Turvey of the Levin police says he is lucky to be alive.

“How we are not looking at a death or serious injury I do not know,” he told Fairfax.  “It’s just crazy stuff.”

The boy’s parents were unaware he was driving, but have since been notified of his arrest.

He will appear in Levin’s Youth Court today.

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source: newshub archive