Police regularly accepting discounts

  • 16/05/2013

The Police Minister has been forced to back down on her claim police officers aren't accepting discounts - even though it's against police policy.

A 3 News report on police perks yesterday triggered a flood of emails and calls from viewers - all confirming that police regularly accept discounts.

Subway is one of a number of businesses giving officers good discounts simply for wearing the police uniform.

"I'll put it back to the Commissioner and I'm sure he'll be having a very severe word with any officers where it's clear they are accepting discounts," says Police Minister Anne Tolley.

The rules around police discounts appear conflicted.

Police policy is that staff can't accept cheap deals given simply because of the badge.

But if you're a union member - and 98 percent of police are - and the deal is union-approved, it's okay.

That covers all of the businesses on a lengthy list on the Police Association website.

Since last night's report 3 News has been flooded with messages about police accepting cheap or free McDonald's, Subway and other discount goods that aren't approved.

One woman even told 3 News she'd once felt pressured by a police officer to give a discount when the officer insisted, saying they had been given one by a direct competitor.

The Police Minister is unimpressed.

"I spoke to the police union yesterday who say they make it very clear to their members. Any discounts they organise as a union they have to actually show their union card it's not about their uniform it's about belonging to a union. So it's very clear from the police that if police are offered discounts they should not accept them and that is an employment issue if they do," says Ms Tolley.

In the meantime she says she will be having words with the Police Commissioner.

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source: newshub archive