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Police seek explanation in cycling assault incident

Monday 9 Apr 2012 5:26 p.m.

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By Kloe Palmer

A mountain biker has filmed a violent confrontation between himself and another rider, all over etiquette on a popular mountain bike track above Christchurch.

Watch the video – WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE       

Jordan Brizzell has laid an assault complaint with police after the other rider allegedly attacked him, then tried to force him to delete potentially incriminating pictures from the camera.   

“I don’t need a lecture when I’m out on a ride – if you want to f***king pass, pass, if you don’t shut your f**king mouth,” the video shows the man saying.

Mr Brizzell's helmet camera captured the altercation he was involved in yesterday, on the Flying Nun mountain bike track on Christchurch's Port Hills.

The incident happened after the rider in yellow got annoyed with Mr Brizzell, who was riding behind but wanted to over take.

The pictures show a space of about five minutes as Mr Brizzell tries again and again to get the rider in front to move over.

The video shows Mr Brizzell telling the other rider that it is “trail courtesy – you let people who are faster go around you”, and a trail official says Mr Brizzell is right, and though there are no official rules it is a common courtesy that most riders adhere to.

“I don’t know why someone would continue riding like that when someone was asking them – there are plenty of spaces to pull over,” says Port Hills volunteer trail official, Graham Allan. “I have ridden on that track and I know there are plenty of spaces to stop and make room. It isn’t that hard to do.”

Police are now wanting to speak to the man involved in the altercation.

“I definitely think there’s a case to be answered there by the gentleman in the orange shirt and I’d like to seek an explanation from him – why his behaviour turned to that,” says Acting Sergeant Todd Hilleard of Christchurch Police.

Mr Brizzell claims he was assaulted in the incident but did not want to be interviewed on camera.

He says he rides in the Port Hills most weekends and up to now he has never had any issues with other riders.

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