Samoa bracing for likely cyclone

  • 21/01/2013

Another severe storm is bearing down on Samoa with residents heading to higher ground to take shelter.

A tropical depression is expected to gain strength and become Cyclone Garry around midnight tonight when it makes landfall.

It comes little more than a month after Cyclone Evan killed at least five people, and caused hundred of millions of dollars in damage.

New Zealand High Commissioner to Samoa Nick Hurley says the capital Apia has begun closing down, with the devastation of Evan still fresh in everyone's minds.

“The advice which they are following this time is to keep away from river areas because that’s where most of the damage was done last time.”

Mr Hurley says people are also stocking up on batteries, food and water, after many were cut off from help last time around.


source: newshub archive

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