Seales awaits right-to-die decision

  • 01/06/2015

A terminally-ill Wellington woman should know soon if her doctor can help her die.

Lecretia Seales' condition is deteriorating, and Justice David Collins worked through Queen's Birthday weekend to reach a decision.

Professor Mark Henaghan from Otago University says even if she doesn't live to hear the outcome, Ms Seales' case could prove significant for others.

"I hope that Lecretia is still with us to see the result of the decision that she has taken, but there's a wider public issue as well – that's why there were so many people involved, giving submissions," he says.

Ms Seales, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 2011, doesn't want to be dependent on others for her care as she edges closer to death.

Prof Henaghan says Justice Collins is obliged to issue a judgement, regardless of whether Ms Seales lives to hear it.

"The argument's been made, and even though it's about Lecretia, it's also about other people in similar situations. I have no doubt he will issue a decision."

Justice Collins reserved his decision last week, but Ms Seales' husband says she is now suffering from paralysis.

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source: newshub archive