Son believes Nina crew alive

  • 04/07/2013

The son of one of the crew of the missing yacht Nina says he still believes they are alive and will make it to Australia.

He even has a text he says proves it. However, Lazslo Nemeth, who is Evi Nemeth's son, is angry that the contents of the message has only just been revealed.

"My gut's telling they're alive," he says.

Another Air Force search today found nothing.

"I believe New Zealand RCC is doing an excellent job. Of course I want more. Of course the other families want more. I want to give my mum a hug," says Mr Nemeth.

His mum's final text was to the MetService on June 4 asking for a storm update.

It's now been revealed a later text was sent by teenage crew member Danielle Wright from a satellite phone the same day.

She wrote: Sails Shredded last night, now bare polies, going 4 knot 310 degrees will update course info at 6pm.

It never reached its intended recipient but the phones positional coordinates gave searchers somewhere to start.

But, Mr Nemeth demanded the US State Department order the phone company to reveal what it said.

"If a major search agency is asking for information about someone who is lost, whether it's on land, sea, wherever. All the information should be provided to that search agency. I should not have had to get involved," he says.

Mr Nemeth is confident the Nina's seven crew will still reach Australia and that he will get that hug from his mum.

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source: newshub archive

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