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Super-church impractical - expert

Monday 10 Sep 2012 6:39 a.m.

Christchurch's Catholic Cathedral (Reuters)

Christchurch's Catholic Cathedral (Reuters)

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The possibility of Catholic and Anglicans sharing a super cathedral in Christchurch is being described as nothing but a pipe dream.

Anglicans are believed to be discussing the proposal, but Mike Grimshaw - an Associate Professor of Sociology at Canterbury University - says even the architecture would cause conflict as Catholics use specific designs in their buildings.

"High Anglicans might be happy about it, but a lot of other Anglicans are very Protestant, so they don't like a lot of images, they don't want statues of Mary, they wouldn't want stations of the cross around the church, so what you'd have to do is truck stuff in and out."

The two denominations went their separate ways in the sixteenth century. So-called 'High church' Anglicans follow traditions closer to that of Catholics, compared to standard Anglicans.

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