The cost of the Hyde St keg party

  • 12/04/2013

Dunedin is bracing itself for the Hyde St keg party, an annual student tradition that takes place tomorrow.

It's a notorious party, held in a street of student flats at the north end of Dunedin.

But it's not new and boring old farts tut-tutting about it today should possibly reflect on their own youth before passing judgement.

Still, there is a problem that has nothing to do with judgement, and everything to do with fact.

Each year this party costs more and more money. There's extra staff rostered by police, hospital, and ambulance services.

There's property damage. There's the cost to the justice system which has to deal with the arrests and there's a variety of costs to the students themselves.

The real costs.

Watch Anna Burns-Francis' full report.

source: newshub archive