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VIDEO: Near-fatal Motueka skydiving accident

Tuesday 21 May 2013 9:48 a.m.

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Video has emerged of a skydiving incident in Motueka last year, which left a man with serious injuries.

The skydiver, identified as British national Liam Dunne, survived a 13,000ft fall after his parachute reportedly failed to deploy on August 16, 2012.

Police were called to Motueka Airport around 2pm, where Mr Dunne was found lying on the grass.

It is thought he tried to deploy his reserve chute after his main chute failed to open. The secondary chute finally opened around 230m from the ground – slowing his descent.

"During a routine camera jump, I managed to discover a situation that I had not trained or prepared for," Mr Dunne says.

"After nearly 4000 jumps and 13 years in the sport, I thought that I had enough experience to cope with any situation - I was wrong, almost dead wrong."

Mr Dunne landed heavily on the ground and received immediate treatment by other jumpers and a doctor, before being airlifted to Nelson Hospital for further treatment.

His injuries included a broken back.

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