Cunliffe apologises 'for being a man'

  • 04/07/2014

Labour leader David Cunliffe has apologised for being a man in front of a Women's Refuge symposium today.

He made the remark as the party announced its $60 million policy to help tackle family violence.

"I don't often say it, [but] I'm sorry for being a man because family and sexual violence is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men," he said.

"So the first message to the men out there is: wake up, stand up, man up and stop this bulls***."

Labour says it will adopt a long-term national action plan to get rid of violence which will be developed with other political parties and non-government organisations.

Mr Cunliffe said he will take responsibility for the plan if he becomes Prime Minister after this year's election.

"This is something I feel very strongly about, this is going to be led out of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) to respond at a high level to the string of appalling violence and murder that is sweeping our country," he said.

The money pledged would go to front-line operations including Women's Refuge, family violence programmes and rape and sexual violence support services.

But the Government says Labour's plan is "just smoke and mirrors" and empty words.

Justice Minister Judith Collins and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said in a statement "throwing money at the issue and a hastily drafted action plan will not protect New Zealanders from violent offenders".

"Their big initiative is to have family violence led by the DPMC.  This will come as no comfort to the victims of family violence.  We need to focus on the victims and on prevention services that actually work."

Ms Bennett says the Government already invests nearly $70 million on contracted family violence services on top of almost $35 million in sexual violence services and core spending within government services.

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source: newshub archive